Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reasoning: Greek Vase Shapes

One of the things I wanted and received for Christmas was Understanding Greek Vases: A Guide to Technical Terms. The book is essentially an expanded glossary of technical terms for Greek vase art from Protogeometric from Hellenistic. I wanted this in order to provide myself with a stronger basis for understanding Greek art history. One of the pieces that I was most excited about was a chart  in the back identifying the different vase shapes.
Clark et al 154 [1].

Clark et al 155 [1].

Hopefully I can implement this knowledge and attempt to recognize some of the shapes when I go to see some of the vases in person.

As I discovered looking for these pictures, Wikipedia also has a fabulous page on the typology of Greek vases.

  1. The pictures are from a forum on the Brown University website.

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