Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Appetitive: Nunc est Bibendum!

I'm going to be at my Alma Mater for the next few days. Cynthia and one of my other best friends are turning in their theses and I am joining them to celebrate. I may or may not have the time and internet access necessary to post over the next few days. My explanation on date of the Laws, the last in the "Dates in the Platonic Corpus" series, will probably have to wait until I get back.

"Nunc est bibendum" is a quotation from Horace poem 1.37. It roughly means "now is [for] drinking" or, more colloquially, "let's party." The poem is about celebrating a homecoming of a comrade-in-arms. It is certainly appropriate for my (brief) return to my Alma Mater, although we will be celebrating the completion of theses rather than my journey. The Horace ode is fabulous; Propertius II and I read it recently, and we both highly recommend it. I also really liked 1.38, which is about temperance and is very short and sweet.

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