Friday, December 31, 2010

Appetitive: New Year's Resolutions

I am going to spend some time cleaning up my (very tired) post from last night on Greek Oaths. Meanwhile, I shall celebrate the New Year.

Tomorrow begins a New Year. In this year I will have to apply to graduate school and try to dive back into the world of classics in academia. I thought I would post a few resolutions related to this to remain in the spirit of the holiday (in no particular order):
  • Read at least 33% of the books on my reading (and rereading) list and review them on this blog.
  • Revise a chapter of my thesis into a writing sample for graduate school.
  • Go over Greek and/or Latin flashcards for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Post translations for Sulpicia's poetic cycle.
  • Lean some Sanskrit.
  • Finish the rest of the Platonic Dialogues in English (I have a few more to go). I will possibly be reading the Parmenides with Ovid II.
  • Post a classically-related blogpost daily.
  • Improve my Greek and Latin pronunciation and my understanding of meter.
I do not know whether the Greek or the Romans had any kind of New Year's resolutions. I thought, since I could not find an apt quotation, that I would simply, like other writers before me, ask for guidance from the muses (in the words of another):
"δεῦτέ νυν ἄβραι Χάριτες καλλίκομοί τε Μοῖσαι [Come hither now delicate Graces and beautiful-haired Muses]" (Sappho 128)
and I would add "and guide me on my quest to graduate school."  Happy New Year, everyone!

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