Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Appetitive: Procrastination

We translated this (simplified) sentace from the Bhadavad Gita[1] today and I just needed to put it up (and I'm avoiding reading 10 OCT pages of Cicero's letters for tomorrow):

प्रसक्ताः काम-भोगेषु पतन्ति नरके (The ones attached to the satisfaction of desire fall into hell: XVI.16)

I may have this not entirely right because I'm typing it from a transliteration and I don't know if words represented with a hyphen in transliteration have a hyphen in Devanagari script. I, however, cannot type the transliteration because I can't put the dot under letters. Anyway, this sentence just amused me, especially because I am, at the moment, satisfying my desire to do my Sanskrit homework instead of my Latin homework which is more immanent. However, this is probably not the kind of desire spoken about in this passage.

  1. Can someone with a Windows computer tell me how to make unicode macrons? Also how to make the little dots under retroflex consonants and the tilde-n. That would be awesome.