Thursday, December 23, 2010

Appetitive: Ancient Greek Drinking Songs for the Holidays

Music and wine for the holidays [1]! I have always liked the idea of Greek drinking songs, but only actually participated in the singing of them once. At one of the parties at our apartment, Cynthia brought out a Loeb and tried to have us sing one. Really the only adequate singer was Propertius II because my Greek pronunciation is terrible and Cynthia's voice does not quite have the robustness for drinking songs [2].

Anyway, I found some modern Greek musical interpretations of Ancient Greek lyric poetry on one of my searches for Ancient Greek drinking songs. From what Propertius II has told me of Ancient Greek music, this is far too melodious. However, I have only heard a little of it and it might be interesting. I also found an English translation of an Archilochus fragment that is one of the drinking songs at Extraface. I searched through an online archive of Archilochus for a while but I could not match it up to the Greek. I think I just was not looking hard enough because I was rushing. If someone figures out which fragment it is, please comment it or email me.

Greek Iambic Poetry: From the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries B.C. (Loeb Classical Library No. 259)

Perhaps I'll hunt down the Loeb in the library and see if I can find it after the holidays. Happy holidays, everyone!,

  1. It is amusing that all of my holiday posts seem to be about booze, because I have almost no alcohol tolerance at all and do not drink very much. However, I like the idea of drinking and being merry, even though I mostly have to be merry without the drinking.
  2. Her voice is much more suited to the indie songs that she sings with her ukulele.

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