Monday, November 1, 2010

Reasoning: Mastronarde's Greek Tutorial

Donald Mastronarde, a professor at UC Berkeley, posted an incredible online Ancient Greek Tutorial. His instruction accenting rules seem more complicated to me than the way I was taught, but obviously everyone learns differently and this might be the perfect way for certain people to learn Greek accenting. He also covers pronunciation, vocabulary, and declension and conjugation paradigms.

I did not encounter Mastronarde's work until last year, when a wonderful professor recommended the Mastronarde edition of the Medea to me. Although I did not get a chance to read it then, I am reading now with a friend over skype and I am really enjoying it. Mastronarde's text provides a great introduction and an extensive and helpful commentary. I highly recommend the edition and the play, which is fabulous. It turns out, however, that he wrote an introductory Greek textbook, Introduction to Attic Greek, about which I know nothing.
Euripides: Medea (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics) Introduction to Attic Greek **ISBN: 9780520201774**

While I was looking for Mastronarde's other work today, I stumbled upon Mastronarde's article "Euripidean Tragedy and Theology" which  I have not read it yet, but it looks quite interesting. Maybe I'll end up amending my "Euripides and the Gods" post.

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