Sunday, November 7, 2010

Appetitive/Reasoning: The Origins of Tragedy

I found an amazing lecture (although I have not listened to much of it yet) on the Origins of Tragedy. It is a round table discussion with (in alphabetical order) Joseph LeDoux, Gregory Nagy, Alexander Nehamas, Steven Scully, and Gareth Williams put together by Philoctetes. It looks really interesting, although the large size of the video seems to be messing with my computer and/or my internet connection.

I was absent for this weekend because I was at an Indo-European Studies conference. The conference was enjoyable and the people were friendly and interesting. I will blog a little about the conference here over the next two days. However, because it strayed quite far from my area of expertise, I will not pretend to be able to capture the gist of all the talks, and much of my blogging about the conference will be descriptions of the colorful people, which I will try to put on my personal blog, as character sketches (even those from a related field) are not entirely classics related.

Update: 11/08/10
I watched the blog later last night. The guy who speaks at the beginning advertising Philoctetes is really obnoxious, but you can skip through his speech. I also don't mind so much because Philoctetes seems to provide some pretty cool lectures and roundtable discussions. I was also amused by a few choice moments, including Gregory Nagy (to whom I was introduced this weekend!) refers to Aristotle as "Mr. A."

You can also find a version of the discussion on youtube.

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