Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reasoning/Spirted: Platon und die Schriftlichkeit der Philosophie

One of my favorite pieces of Plato scholarship is Thomas Szlezak's Reading Plato. When I found out that I was supposed to find some scholarship to translate for my German class, I immediately set our to look for Platon Lesen, the original German of Reading Plato. None of the local libraries carried it, so I found another one of Szlezak's texts: Platon und die Schriftlichekeit der Philosophie, which I think translates to something like Plato and the Written Form of Philosophy. I can't seem to find an English version. I am translating the conclusion to his section on what I think is the order of the dialogues (the chapter is named "Der Gang des Dialogs." I'm looking forward to finding something interesting.

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