Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spirited: Reading Plato's Crito

I am finally back to reading some Plato. This is something I should have been doing all year, but I've just been far to lazy or schizophrenically busy with other things. Propertius II got me back on track: he wanted to read some Plato, as he had never read any (except excerpts in Hansen & Quinn) and he is taking a Greek prose survey next semester. We decided to read Crito alongside the homer that we have been reading. Propertius II found a cute little edition from the Cambridge Elementary Classics, an earlier edition of which may be found on
Crito (Cambridge Elementary Classics: Greek)
The commentary seems to be pretty helpful, although it refers to very old texts for it's references. I reread Crito in English last night and I remembered what a charming little dialogue it is. I read the first page in Greek. My Platonic Attic is very rusty.

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