Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reasoning: Thoughts on Vocabularies

I have been reading a lot of Homer lately (although I have been having trouble concentrating so I have been reading it more slowly than I might wish). One of the books Propertius II recommended to aid me was Owen's Homeric Vocabularies and I checked it out from the library. The books lists words in the order of the frequency with which they appear in the Homeric texts. At first I found the book rather useless, but the more I read I realize how often Homer repeats his words and that it is significantly easier to look words up in the little paperback than my Homeric dictionary. I am also trying to add those words which I look up most frequently to my flashcard list.
Homeric Vocabularies Greek and English Word-Lists for the Study of Homer Classical Greek Prose: A Basic Vocabulary
I have also been recommended a similar vocabulary for Greek prose. I wonder if it will be useful.

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