Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reasoning: Tools for Vergil

First, because I'm posting today, I thought I would post an article about SOPA explaining not the problems but rather that it is based on a false premise. Wikipedia and Amazon as well as AWOL have links to information.

Second, I found this amazing resource. Let me preface this with the fact that no matter how easily I can read Latin prose, Vergil still just makes me hate life. I am not sure why, but every time I look at a line of Vergil all of my Latin seems to disintegrate underneath me. This class I am taking is supposed to be easy, but it just depresses me. I am spending the next two days doing massive amounts of Vergil to catch up and I have a quiz on Monday. The commentary by R.G. Austin is good, but sometimes either provides help that is too ambiguous or focuses more on the inter-textual references than something useful. So I found a resource provided by the University of Pennsylvania. Obviously this resource is a bit dangerous in that it gives a lot of information. However, studying for a quiz when I can't ask questions of someone else, it might provide some guidance. Enjoy with caution.

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