Monday, January 16, 2012

Appetitive: Persians (line 24)

I've been reading Aeschylus' Persians lately. Unlike the majority of extant tragedy, there is no prologue that begins the play. Instead, it starts with an extended parodos delivered by the group of Persians elders that make up  the chorus. Much of the beginning of their entrance (i.e. the part in marching anapests) lists the names of the Persian commanders. My favorite line is: "βασιλῆς βασιλέως ὕποχοι μεγάλου (kings subject to the great king)" which is a sort of elegant and wonderful reversal of the phrase "king of kings."

This commentary by Garvie that we are using is fantastic, although absurdly expensive. It is supposed to come out in paperback soon, which is great.

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