Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reasoning: Useful Internet Miscillany

Horatian Meter: I am still continuing on my quest to read Horace. Propertius II has finally succeeded in convincing me that meter is both awesome and useful, which has lead me to scan the poems I am reading. Horace employs a variety of lyric meters that he borrowed from Alcaeus and Sappho. Since I am a fairly new student to the study of meter (although I did some dactyllic hexameter in high school Greek), I do not tend to have a sense of what lyric meters go with which poem. However, I found a great page on Diotima which provides the background for and explanations of Horatian meter.

Digital Papyrology Navigator: A friend recently sent me a blogpost from AWOL: The Ancient World Online, which is a fabulous site that appears to compile vast amounts of classics data for online access. One of it's recent entries talks about the updated version of the Digital Papyrology Navigator, which allows classicists and friends to digitally search for information in papyri and suggest emendations. The blog by the people who run this awesome resource also will probably be pretty cool.

Art Index [1]: After stumbling across a semi-dormant blog called "What do I know...?," I realized that I should create a better system for organizing the art that I discuss on Platonic Psychology. So I created a new page, An Index of (Mostly) Art on Platonic Psychology, which organizes the art I have discussed by the period to which it belongs. The page is still in progress because I have not figured out a comprehensive system, but there is also a list of archaeological sites on the bottom, mostly with pictures from Cerinthus' adventures around Greece.

  1. Placing a feature I created after these two fabulous resources is not trying to compare my work with that of greater digital monuments, it was just a convenient place to introduce the topic. No arrogance intended.

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