Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spirited: More on Μήδεια

I have gotten really behind on pretty much everything I am trying to do right now. Trying to catch up, I have been reading a lot of Μήδεια so there will be a lot of focus on this play in my posts right now. I recently wrote a long post in comments on yesterday's blog about translating Jason's speech and I have an addendum that I will finish and post when I am more awake and coherent. There is a lot of fascinating word choice in the Μήδεια and I love people weighing in on the discussion. I am also planning on doing a post on the rhetoric of enemies in the Μήδεια. It makes me wish I had been able to fit an additional class into my schedule second semester so I could have taken the Μήδεια with my alma mater's wonderful ancient rhetoric and oratory professor. Days just need more hours in them...
Euripides: Medea (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics)

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