Friday, April 22, 2011

Appetitive: Greek History Review #10: Lectures on Greek History am still really sick and am confined to activities which require little brainpower and less physical strength. It is a nasty flu. Anyway, one of the few things i have been up to doing is listening to Donald Kagan's lectures on Greek history and reading along with the class assignments in Ancient Greece. I don't, sadly, have access to a copy of the second textbook, Problems in Ancient History, but I've been doing the rest of the reading. It's been fun so far. His lectures are enjoyable and move at a steady pace and they enliven the somewhat dry, textbook approach of Ancient Greece.
Ancient Greece: A Political, Social and Cultural History Problems in Ancient History, Vol. 1: The Ancient Near East and Greece
I am currently listening to lecture number 5, the second of a two-part set on the "Rise of the Polis." A list of the lectures can be found here, or you can read the text of the lectures here. I am posting the current lecture below:


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