Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Appetitve/Spirited: To Learn Sanskrit (and German)?

One of my friends just decided we should learn Sanskrit together. Our plan is to work through William Dwight Whitney's Sanskrit Grammar[1], which Propertius II used two summers ago and possibly the supplement that goes with it (Roots, Verb-forms and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language) that I discovered as a free Google edition.

Sanskrit Grammar Roots, Verb-forms and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language
We will probably begin in late January. If anyone has any tips for books or on how to work through a Sanskrit grammar, let me know.

  1. Free Google edition of the Grammar. To get to it, "buy" the book (it's free), click "read it now" then find the "i" (about this book) icon and click on it. Click "read on your device," scroll to the bottom and download the PDF.

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