Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Appetitive: Biblical Art

There was a display at the Getty about a year ago of Old Testament heroes and heroines. These were depiction from illuminated books of hours. The portraits were fabulous. One heroine who stood out to me among them was Judith, primarily because I find hers to be one of the oddest strong-woman tales of all time.

My mother pointed out to me that AWOL recently posted that a donation to ARTstor (essentially an image equivalent of JSTOR) put up an incredible digital collection of images from the Judith story. I have not browsed it thoroughly, but it looks fabulous.

ARTstor in itself is a fabulous resource. While a student at my Alma Mater, I used it for a variety of papers, including one on Pythia's prologue in the Eumenides. A similar procession of gods and goddesses as she describes appeared on one of the friezes at the now-ruined temple of Apollo at Delphi. ARTstor provided me with the image reconstructed by various artists and a picture of the fragments that remain of the frieze. It was a fabulous resource.

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