Monday, May 24, 2010

Appetitive, Spirited, and Reasoning

I just graduated with a BA in classics. In the year (or so) before I head out to grad school I needed something to do with my spare time (other than tutoring high school students) so I decided to start a classics blog. My general thought is to review books on classical subjects and discuss matters of Ancient Greek and Latin.

I will divide the entry types into this blog into three categories: appetitive, spirited, and reasoning to correspond with the three parts of the Platonic conception of the soul. The appetitive portion will be a weekly translation of a joke or funny phrase into Latin or Greek. The spirited portion (literally timophillic i.e. honor loving) will be my own ideas about Greek and Roman ideas. This section attempts to put me on the map as a classicist with a point of view. The reasoning part will be commentary and reviews on classical texts. I will also try to post a passage for Latin or Greek prose composition at least once a week for practice. I will offer my take on the passage, and if anyone would like to offer their own attempt at the passage, or corrections or criticisms of mine, they will be welcome.

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